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What is Wood Therapy?

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Wood Therapy, also called Maderoterapia, is a Columbian technique which was developed centuries ago. This is a type of massage which uses a variety of wooden tools to naturally break apart localized fat, reduce dimples caused by cellulite, and stimulate circulation and lymph drainage.

Unlike Ultrasonic Cavitation, Wood Therapy can be used anywhere on the body and is especially great for treating bra/back fat as well as for treating and smoothing cellulite on the legs and buttocks.

Just like Sculpted Beauty's other body sculpting treatments, Wood Therapy utilizes the lymphatic system to move broken down fat contents and lymph fluid. Just like with Cavitation, we need the lymphatic system to carry out the ruptured fat contents so PLEASE Drink your water!


Wood Therapy should never be painful! The use of force is not necessary and would actually hinder results if too much pressure were applied. (So please don't ask for a rougher "massage.") Most clients find our Wood Therapy service relaxing and claim it feels like a gentle pressure relieving massage.

In the event of severe weather, we will likely defer NOT to utilize any machine work to be extra careful with our client's safety during thunderstorms. We do not wish lightning to come in and harm clients through our machines.


Therefore, Wood Therapy is frequently used in place of machine work with excellent results!

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