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What IS Thermogenesis?


Thermogenesis - or Thermo - was initially developed by the makers of Liquid Lipo as an at home treatment. However upon testing, it was found to trigger ketosis in the body and due to this, it was felt necessary to be made available only under the supervision of trained practitioners.


Liquid Lipo gel is approved for home use because the mechanisms of its action work in a different way. It is no less effective, but instead works on the outer layers of fat. Whereas, Thermogenesis gets deeper into the tissues and works much further into the body.


The results from Thermogenesis have been astounding. Where once Liposuction and surgery were the only way to remove Lipomas, Thermogenesis is able to offer a viable and effective alternative with this scientific breakthrough.


What To Expect During a Thermo Treatment

Thermo is applied to the skin for either stand alone treatment as a wrap, worn for 45 minutes, or applied and worn under compression for 15-20 minutes before using with body sculpting machines such as cavitation.

As the name suggests, clients will feel a heating sensation, although not extreme.

Are there contraindications?



Thermo may not be used on:

  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Those with Cancer or undergoing Chemotherapy

Caution will need to be taken in those with autoimmune conditions as it can temporarily reduce the immune response leaving them open to minor symptoms such as cough or colds.

Treatment Areas

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Stomach

  • Back

  • Chin

  • Buttocks


*Certain Thyroid Issues and autoimmune disorders may benefit from ELT. Please, reach out to us so we may guide you through your options.

Thermogenesis is a product of Liquid Lipo LTD and is not created by Sculpted Beauty. The owner of Sculpted Beauty is a trained Advanced Liquid Lipo Practitioner through Liquid Lipo's training program.

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