TruSculpt Membership

Monthly Subscribe & Save

  • 1 hour 20 minutes
  • McKenzie Road

Service Description

***CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE TO CLIENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED A MINIMUM OF 5 SESSIONS*** Sorry! But too many people were abusing this amazing deal!! The membership is intended as a tool to help clients get the most possible while saving money over the LONG RUN...It is not intended for one-month-and-split kind of deal. Do you have a lot to lose? Do you want to treat multiple areas of your body? Do you want to save money?? Who doesn't need all that right?? Sculpted Beauty offers TruSculpt Monthly Membership which is a Subscribe & Save offer! You have access to nearly ANY & EVERY service with no limit on what can be offered in a service!! Want a Liquid Lipo Wrap added to the end of your service? Want to make it Yeso? You got it!! Making really good inch-loss progress but need to address stretch marks or loose skin? We can start using Meso Serums without you needing to pay extra! With the TruSculpt Membership, you have access to ALL our services with only 2 treatments being excluded...Columbian BBL & MesoHair. I am very sorry to not be able to include these. Those just require super expensive serums/treatments and I am unable to discount them to this level! However, you are able to treat your entire body over time for a massively discounted price! Go ahead and compare the numbers! This is a MASSIVE savings that will help you reach your body goals!! ~ 3 Sessions a month (however, if you CAN come 4 times then the 4th session will be FREE! I understand schedules can be hard to stick to! That's why this package is "TECHNICALLY" 3 sessions a month...but if both our busy schedules allow, you will have that 4th session free of charge :) Access to all treatment options: * Meso Serums * Radiofrequency * Cavitation * Yeso Wraps * Sauna * Body Wraps * Liquid Lipo * Laser * Wood Therapy This membership is intended for those who would like to receive at least 2 months of treatments. If this membership is cancelled within the first month, we reserve the right to cancel any renewal membership at our discretion. This is not for purpose of being rude, however, we simply ask our time/discounts be respected for their intended purpose. We really want to help you reach your goals!! And strive to ensure that happens in every way! This membership is offered as an incentive to help our clients reach their goals the best way while saving money. (yes, I love helping my clients save money in the long run! Just ask our previous clients :)