Next Gen - Back Sculpting

Reduce & Smooth

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 75 US dollars
  • McKenzie Road

Service Description

This package focuses on creating a smooth silhouette by reducing inches, smoothing rolls and removing excess fluid retention anywhere on the back - specifically above & below the bra area as well as waist & hips. We will assess client needs each appointment and adjust the treatment modalities as necessary to ensure desired results. Everyone is different & we tailor these treatments to each individual and how their body responds each session! It is important to trust the process. Certain health issues (especially thyroid or hormonal related) may prolong the process and slow results. If you have either of these issues, it may be best to start with a mid-sized package. Various Modalities which may be used each session include: * Cavitation - Fat Melting * Radiofrequency - Skin Tightening * Laser Lipo - Fat Dissolving & Skin Firming * Biophoton Lymphatic Enhancement - clearing lymphatic pathways to allow melted fat to leave the body * Small patches of Thermogenesis may be applied to help break down lipomas and/or scar tissue * Wood Therapy - Fat Loss, Surface Smoothing & Lymphatic Drainage Learn More about each service & its benefit here: Sculpted Beauty addresses fat loss issues at the core of the problem - the lymphatic system. By working on making the lymphatic system healthier & flowing the way it should by using BLE, your body is able to respond to Body Contouring VERY well. Additional Services: ~ Clients can purchase Liquid Lipo Wrap @ Home kits to further their results (AFTER the lymphatic system is sufficiently cleared with no blockages hindering the process). Using Liquid Lipo in between sessions or even wearing a wrap to your Body Contouring session will enhance fat melting and begin the process before your session starts! Liquid Lipo @ Home kits are HIGHLY recommended. It's a great treatment on its own! *Multiple appointments may be necessary to achieve best results. Package Options: Each Package below comes with BLE only sessions (to be completed before regular Back Sculpting sessions), in addition to Back Sculpting package in quantities of your choice below (which will have some BLE included each session as well): INTRODUCTORY PRICING: Half Course: 5 sessions/includes 2 BLE only sessions- $300 (save $75) Full Course: 10 sessions/includes 3+ BLE only sessions - $550 (save $200) Extra Course: 15 sessions/includes 4+ BLE only sessions - $750 (save $375)