MesoSculpt - Add on Service

Add MesoSculpt to Any Package

  • 20 minutes
  • 40 US dollars
  • McKenzie Road

Service Description

MesoSculpt uses a device called Electroporation to gently push Meso Serums directly into cells. This process is 100% noninvasive, painless and safe. It creates a microscopic electrical current which stimulates cell membranes to open and allows 90% of the product to be absorbed into your skin cells. Once the current is removed from the area, the cell membranes re-close and the product goes to work more effectively. Normally, our skin only absorbs about 20% of the products we use topically, so when talking about electroporation's 90% absorption rate, that's pretty impressive!!!! *Electroporation can only be performed once a week. So when added to a package, we cannot rush this service. If you have an event coming up, we suggest booking well in advance :) ~~Meso Serums are individually tailored to each client's needs and can be used to treat: * Stretch Marks - Red * Stretch Marks - Silver * Cellulite * Hard Fat Reduction * Soft Fat Reduction * Skin Tightening * Chin - Skin Tightening (used in our chin service) * Chin - Fat Reduction (used in our chin service) * Butt Enhancement (only offered in our Columbian BBL Service) * Hair Regrowth (only offered in our Meso-Hair Service) Client will leave in osmotic wrap to help compress/seal in serums for most effectiveness. If you want to maximize your results, add MesoSculpt to your package! ***Most Meso Serum protocols require 6 sessions to receive a full treatment - chin only requires 3*** 1 apt - $40 3 apt - $120 6 apt - $240 9 apt - $360 12 apt - $480