But What IS Body Contouring??

Body Contouring treats skin cells and fat cells from the outside in. Unlike diet and exercise which allows your body to control where weight comes off, we are able to use Body Contouring modalities to target problem areas of our choice. When we treat the problem areas, we Sculpt our bodies into a more flattering allover shape.

Every treatment Sculpted Beauty offers is considered non-invasive...what does that mean? It means, our treatments involve no cutting or injecting. 


How Is It Effective Then?

Fat cells reside under the deepest layer of our skin. Body Contourists use specialized tools, machines, and techniques developed all over the world and throughout history to rupture fat cells and mobilize their contents to reduce inches in specific areas.

Using knowledge of cell anatomy and the physiology of our body's processes, we are able safely and effectively manipulate skin tissue and fat cells.

While we are not forcibly removing fat deposits through liposuction or pulling skin tight by cutting excess skin through surgery, we are able to stimulate your body's own natural processes to remove and burn lipids, fats, and proteins which are stored in fat cells and stimulate increased collagen and elastin production in our skin.

Can Anyone Receive These Services?

There ARE several health related contraindications for certain treatments. However, some clients who may not be candidates for Ultrasonic Cavitation or Radiofrequency may be prime candidates for wood therapy, sauna or our wrap services. 

If you have any health concerns, please reach out to us at 662-305-9722 or message us through Facebook!

*We do require a medical questionnaire to be completed during our first appointment/consultation to assess candidcacy. 

Ultrasonic Cavitation


This machine uses ultrasound waves - yes, the same type of sound waves used to view babies in the womb but at a different frequency and speed - to cause vibrations within fat cells below the skin.


These vibrations cause tiny microscopic bubbles to form within the fat cells. These continued vibrations cause the fat cells to rupture and spill their contents into the interstitial tissues. This fluid is then picked up by our lymphatic system and flushed out as waste. This will usually cause increased urination for up to 72 hours, but depending on your body type, diet and how many toxins are stored in your fat cells a slight increase in bowel movement may also occur.

The treatment process is completely painless and you will be able to go about the rest of your day unaffected. During the treatment, you will hear an internal ringing in your ears as cavitation utilizes sound waves. Most clients are able to ignore it and many even fall asleep during a treatment!

Adequate water intake is essential!!!! Our bodies are unable to move fluids, toxins and liquified fat out of our systems without WATER!!! If it doesn't flush out, it'll be reabsorbed. Drink your water.



Radiofrequency uses targeted radio waves to heat the deepest layer of your skin. This is where collagen and elastin fibers reside.

Heating the dermal layer of our skin to a certain temperature "tricks" our body into thinking it has a sunburn. This heating process causes the body to think it needs to "repair" the area. Radiofrequency does not cause ANY sunburn like damage! But our bodies don't know that because we tricked it!!! So, our body goes into overdrive producing new collagen and repairing connective tissues. However, since it doesn't have any actual new damage to repair, this process rejuvenates wrinkles and tightens loose skin in areas such as mommy tummy, legs, chest, neck, and arms. (Sculpted Beauty is currently unable to offer services on the face.)

Sculpted Beauty ensures our clients skin is protected during this process. We use specially formulated gels and oils to keep our client's skin at a comfortable temperature without any heating sensations after the treatment.

*Most clients skin is often still cool to the touch during a treatment.*

While clients should not experience any sunburn like effects, t
he area will be sensitive to sunlight and heat after a treatment. Therefore, excessive sunlight or heat exposure within 24 hours after a treatment is not recommended. We want to keep that collagen production treating our problem area, not something new!

Wood Therapy

wood therapy.png

Wood Therapy, also called Maderoterapia, is a Columbian technique which was developed centuries ago. This type of massage therapy uses a variety of wooden tools to naturally break apart localized fat, reduce dimples caused by cellulite, and stimulate circulation and lymph drainage.

Unlike Ultrasonic Cavitation, Wood Therapy can be used anywhere on the body and is especially great for treating bra/back fat as well as for treating and smoothing cellulite on the legs and buttocks.

Just like Sculpted Beauty's other treatments, Wood Therapy utilizes the lymphatic system to move broken down fat contents and lymph fluid. Wood Therapy should never be painful! The use of force is not necessary and would actually hinder results if too much pressure were applied. (So please don't ask for a rougher "massage.") Just like with Cavitation, we need the lymphatic system to carry out the ruptured fat contents so PLEASE 
Drink your water!

Far Infrared Sauna


The Infrared Sauna should be a weekly staple in everyone's health care routine. There are NUMEROUS
benefits for multiple health issues. This is a completely holistic way to improve your health and brain function while relaxing and relieve stress.

Infrared Saunas Benefits:

*Decrease Inflammation
*Reduce Chronic Pain
*Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
*Boosts Immune System
*Fights Colds and Viruses
*Helps PCOS
*Reduces Stress
*Menopause Symptoms
*Helps Heartburn
*Relieves IBS Symptoms
*Relieves Digestion Issues
*Helps GERD
*Decreases Blood Pressure
*Improves Cholesterol
*Burns up to 800 Calories
*Boosts Metabolism
*Helps with Thyroid Issues

Body Wraps


Body Wraps encourage the body to sweat through a combination of heat and pressure. The compression from the wrap traps thermal energy and forces the body to heat up. This promotes fat burning and inch loss while allowing the skin to absorb minerals from the clays.

What makes Body Wraps so special and effective is how they utilize various minerals, clays and essential oils to target and treat specific body issues like cellulite and loose skin while also stimulating cells to break down fat and detox your system.

These wraps are specially formulated to enrich skins moisture content, boost collagen production, and improve skins tone and complexion.