Liquid Lipo is a powerful non-surgical fat dissolve gel. This product is revolutionary, has undergone voluntary registration with the FDA, and is Patented with scientifically proven results.


It uses specific carrier oils to travel through the epidermal layers to dissolve fat. This process is similar to injections but faster, safer and more effective. It works in 96% of cases in less than 2 hours - thus the home treatment - or is excellent as an extra 30 minute add on service to any cavitation fat melting packages.


What's the process like?


Exfoliate first with the provided luxurious exfoliating glove, then apply 5-10 pumps of the gel to the area you'd like to shrink. (even my largest clients have only needed 8 pumps just to give you an idea of how long this product will last!).


Allow the gel to become "tacky" - it usually takes just a minute or two.


Then wrap with the provided osmotic cling film and wear for 2 hours.


The compression of the wrap allows the gel to penetrate as deep as possible and remain active - and not get absorbed by your clothes or furniture.


Kits come with everything you will need to use this product effectively at home.


This product is so effective as a standalone treatment, I've incorporated it into nearly every service I provide in the spa to boost results!


**5 day supply is 50mL of gel. Each wrap is estimated to take up to 10 pumps. However, most clients only need at most 5 pumps!

  • So you'll actually be getting enough to do a full body wrap for 5 days. 
  • Or one area up to 10 times! 

Liquid Lipo - 5 day