Liquid Lipo is a non-surgical fat dissolve gel.


This is a revolutionary product and has undergone voluntary registration with the FDA.

This product has been fully Patented with scientifically proven results.

It travels through the epidermal layers and allows the fat to soften and become liquid. This process is similar to injections but faster, safer and more effective. It works in 96% of cases in less than 2 hours - which is the home treatment time frame - or is excellent as an extra 30 minute add on service to any body contouring fat melting packages.

The technique which quickly became my #1 seller with KILLER results includes:

* 30 min Liquid Lipo Wrap

* Laser Lipo

* Cavitation


The photos above are my personal results from this system. This system has brought in many new clients and has been well worth my investment. It is my #1 seller in spa as well as retail!


This product can be repackaged and sold in retail for at home use (ONLY by Liquid Lipo Distributors who have gone through proper training)!