Get smoother, thinner legs in the comfort of your own home. Yes, really.


A lot of my clients want sessions in the spa..and while that's definitely necessary to tackle severe cellulite, inch loss or lypomas/lymphedema.....most people can actually get very good results just using Liquid Lipo!!!

The reviews speak for themselves!


Liquid Lipo on it's own is amazing for dissolving fat pockets on legs. This alone gives you a much smoother appearance.


But when you combine it with our Anticellulite Gel AND Skin Firming Oil?!?


You get AMAZING inch loss and smoothing At Home!


Bundle Includes:

  • Small (3-6 wraps) OR Large (5-10 Wraps) Liquid Lipo Wrap kit
    • 30mL OR 50mL Liquid Lipo
    • Osmotic wrap
    • Measuring tape
    • Exfoliating glove
  • 2 oz Anticellulite Gel
  • 8 oz bottles Firming Oil (collagen repair)



The #1 cause of cellulite is collagen elasticity has diminished. 


Taking collagen every day is necessary to repair lost collagen and tighten/firm up the skin on our legs.


When pairing fat dissolve gel with the Collagen capsuls and cellulite reducing oil, you are garaunteed to see a difference!


*Collagen takes time to you MUST be consistent in taking your collagen daily!

At Home Cellulite Be Gone