Sculpted Beauty offers more than just body contouring. We offer our clients monthly sauna memberships for extra savings.

Relaxing Sauna

Sign up for a recurring monthly membership to guarantee yourself maximum health benefits of our Infrared Sauna Sessions.​

Infrared saunas actually help our bodies fend off colds and viruses, especially when used frequently. 

Regular Infrared Sauna use has been clinically proven to help with:

* PCOS symptoms

* Chronic Pain

* Reduce Inflammation

* Help With Arthritis

* Improve Gut Health

* Lower Blood Pressure

* Lower Bad Cholesterol Levels

* Build Exercise Endurance

* Boost Immune System

With cold and flu season just around the corner and so much sickness everywhere NOW, we all need to help our bodies ward off illness on a weekly basis. 

There are no plans available.