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Body Sculpting Services

Ultrasonic Cavitation

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Cavitation - or Cavi - destroys fat at the cellular level.

Laser Lipo

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Actually called Low Level Red Light Therapy - nicknamed Laser Lipo.

This machine uses red light to dissolve fat cells and stimulate collagen production while reducing inflammation.

Oxygen Therapy


Did you know that when we breathe, our body only absorbs around 20% pure oxygen?

Oxygen Therapy helps introduce more O2 into our system allowing our bodies to function at peak performance.

Virtual Mesotherapy


Virtual Mesotherapy, or Electroporation  (EL)  is a type of mesotherapy that does not require the use of needles. It is an alternative to traditional mesotherapy that uses low or medium frequency currents to open the pores and facilitate the penetration of active ingredients.

Liquid Lipo

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Liquid Lipo is the first of its kind!


It is a powerful, non-surgical fat dissolve gel. This product is an amazing stand-alone treatment option which can be done either at home or in-spa!


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Radiofrequency - or RF - is used to tighten and firm skin.

Wood Therapy

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Wood Therapy is a type of massage using various wooden tools to naturally break apart localized fat, reduce dimples caused by cellulite, and stimulate circulation and lymph drainage.

Biophoton Lymphatic Detox 


LET is an amazing system designed to clear out old proteins, bacteria, and toxins which weigh down our healthy cells using ionic electrical pulses.

Infrared Sauna


The Infrared Sauna stimulates the body's internal core temperature to elevate. This produces NUMEROUS health benefits including, detoxing, destressing, reduced inflammation, increased metabolism, and burning calories.



Thermogenesis is another amazing product from the same maker of Liquid Lipo.

This product is our most amazing wild card. It breaks down lymphatic blockages, lymphomas and scar tissue.

*Can ONLY be performed in our spa - this product is so powerful, it cannot be used at home.

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