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Staying Up to Date with the Latest Technologies

Sculpted Beauty's #1 goal is to give our clients the best results possible. Knowledge is power, which is why I'm constantly researching the best products and technologies and how they'll benefit you best.

Find out why utilizing Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve Gel

in our treatments sets us apart from the rest!


The First

Advanced Liquid Lipo Practitioner

in Mississippi


Months of researching how to help some of my most severely lymphatically congested clients led me to discover an amazing machine which opens up clogged lymphatic systems.

Not only is this great for overall health, but it ensures the best fat melting & cellulite reduction possible outside of surgery!

We're excited to be the FIRST to offer this amazing,

Next Generation of Body Contouring to our clients!!!


The First Body Contourist
in the Country

To Incorporate
Biophoton Lymphatic Enhancement

into our Sculpting Services!!!

What Are Customers Saying About Scuplted Beauty?

Fit Girl

"I’ve done the body wrap and fat melt and I love it all! I can’t wait to go back and keep seeing results. Tiffany is very knowledgeable and professional, you’ll love her!​"


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LipoSculpt Uses 3 different PROVEN technologies to melt and dissolve away fat