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But What IS Body Contouring??

Body Contouring treats skin cells and fat cells from the outside in. Unlike diet and exercise which allows your body to control where weight comes off, we are able to use Body Contouring modalities to target problem areas of our choice. When we treat the problem areas, we Sculpt our bodies into a more flattering allover shape.

Every treatment Sculpted Beauty offers is considered non-invasive...what does that mean? It means, our treatments involve no cutting or injecting. 


How Is It Effective?

Fat cells reside under the deepest layer of our skin. Body Contourists use specialized tools, machines, and techniques developed all over the world and throughout history to rupture fat cells and mobilize their contents to reduce inches in specific areas.

Using knowledge of cell anatomy and the physiology of our body's processes, we are able safely and effectively manipulate skin tissue and fat cells.

While we are not forcibly removing fat deposits through liposuction or pulling skin tight by cutting excess skin through surgery, we are able to stimulate your body's own natural processes to remove and burn lipids, fats, and proteins which are stored in fat cells and stimulate increased collagen and elastin production in our skin.

Can Anyone Receive These Services?

There ARE several health related contraindications for certain treatments. However, some clients who may not be candidates for Ultrasonic Cavitation or Radiofrequency may be prime candidates for wood therapy, sauna or our wrap services. 

If you have any health concerns, please reach out to us at 662-305-9722 or message us through Facebook!

*We do require a medical questionnaire to be completed during our first appointment/consultation to assess candidcacy. 

Do These Results Last?

Short Answer - YES!

This is not a "get rid of water weight or bloat" kind of treatment. This is reducing fat at the cellular level. 

Long Answer - These treatments are just like anything else, EVEN Weight Loss Surgeries like Gastric Surgeris & Liposuction.

If you make poor lifestyle and eating choices on a long term will not see permanent results.

However, if you make healthy-ISH choices lol then you will easily be able to maintain your results.

A maintenance session once every couple months should be all you need to easily maintain your results once your desired inch loss has been reached. Cause let's face it...who eats healthy ALL the time, right?


How Many Sessions Will I need?

How many sessions you will need depends on several factors.

If you have hormone issues, thyroid issues, diabetes, or sluggish lymphatic system, the number of sessions you will need will likely be around 8-12. Depending on how YOUR body responds, more or even fewer may be needed. 

However, clients without these type of issues usually see great results by the 3rd session, with a total of 6 sessions being all that is needed (for one area).

Every body is different. Everyone will have unique results, for which these treatments are 100% tailored to YOU. Because everyone is different, each treatment will likely get modified on a weekly basis to ensure you get optimal results from each session.

Recommended number of sessions will be discussed with you at your first visit, however, we do recommend starting with 3 and going from there!

Should you need more than 3 sessions, we have larger package options and even a membership (which is available to clients once a minimum of 3 sessions with us have been booked).

Are These Treatments Safe?


These treatments are 100% noninvasive, painless and require zero recovery time. 

As mentioned above, these treatments are NOT for everyone, however. We do not wish to take any unnecessary risks and you will be required to fill out a pretreatment medical questionnaire to ensure any possible health issues are addressed.

When a health issue prevents us from using machines, there are sometimes still options available to you.

If you have a concern, please reach out to us!


What To Expect?

You can book everything online. Once you create an account on the website, you can purchase, book, and shop online without needing to reach out. Unless you want to! In which case, we can definitely help you get booked.

When you come to see us the first time, we'll have some consent forms for you to fill out. We'll take measurements, before photos and answer any questions. This usually takes about 15 minutes the first session. 

At the end of the session, we'll be able to better determine how your body responded to your first treatment and can give you a more accurate prediction of how many treatments you might need. 

These treatments are very relaxing! You don't need to do anything but lay down and relax for the duration of the treatment.

Most clients look forward to their appointments just for the "relaxing me time."



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