What IS Electroporation?

Electroporation - or EL - sounds scary right? 

It's actually a very tiny electrical current which stimulates cell membranes to become permeable. This allows us to place skin safe serums, DIRECTLY into skin cells.

Did you know? Lotions, creams, serums, ampoules...out of all the good skin enriching products out there...only 20% of these actually get absorbed by your skin!

Electroporation allows the cells to "open up" to accept up to 90% of these serums!

Which means we can ENHANCE skin tightening, stretch mark reductions, cellulite treatments, and even assist in fat loss.

If there is any add on you SHOULD CONSIDER, this is it!

Unlike fat dissolve injectables or microdermabrasion which only put serums beside serums for that low 20% absorption rate, EL allows serums to be more effectively absorbed and much more pain free!

What To Expect During Electroporation

For cellulite treatments, EL will be performed before the other treatment protocols during a session. On all other Body Contouring issues, EL will be performed at the end of an appointment.


The client's skin will be cleaned with alcohol. So, if you have a spray tan, unfortunately, we'll be partially removing it. It's best to wait on self tanners until after these treatments are complete.


After the skin is cleaned, the treatment should be painless. There are a few,however, who are very sensitive to the current. In those individuals, it feels like a TINY pin prick. In this instance, the intensity will be turned down and/or we will avoid that area altogether.


Client comfort is of the utmost importance at Sculpted Beauty. Should discomfort be experienced, everything in our power will be done to correct it.


Electroporation is meant to be painless and if the area is properly cleaned then there should be no pin prick feelings, but I do like to warn everyone ahead of time JUST IN CASE.


I have had a couple clients say EL actually tickled and laughed during the treatment. That was an amusing experience for us both :)


Treatment Areas

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Stomach

  • Back

  • Chin

  • Scalp


Treatment Types

  • Cellulite

  • Skin Tightening

  • Stretch Marks Red or Silver

  • Soft Fat

  • Hard Fat

  • Buttock Plumping/Firming

  • Skin Brightening/Toning

  • Hair Regrowth