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Biophoton Lymphatic Enhancement 


Although a relatively unknown service, this therapy has been in practice in the U.S. for more than 20 years. 


BLE can be thought of like a Lymphatic Detox & The Key to ensuring excellent results with Body Contouring.


If the lymphatic system is sluggish, bogged down, congested, and filled with old proteins, toxins, bacteria and fungi then there is a slim chance Body Contouring will have the desired effect. Melted fat simply cannot be picked up and moved with all that congestion hindering lymphatic flow.

Which is exactly why, Sculpted Beauty is offering this service. Hours upon hours of research attempting to help several of our clients with severe lymphatic congestion lead to discovering this little-known biophoton "miracle" machine.

This service can go by many names - ELT, LET, & PEMF to name a few - and is frequently used as a stand-alone service to treat a host of lymphatic congestion issues. A full body treatment of these electro-lymphatic modalities is the equivalent of 8-9 lymphatic massages in just 1 ELT session!!!! Although, full body treatment is not necessarily provided by us at this time.

At Sculpted Beauty, BLE is incorporated into a Body Contouring session so we may clear the drainage pathway for optimal Body Contouring results. A cleared lymphatic exit path means near effortless flushing of melted fat and cellulite!

Sculpted Beauty is the FIRST Body Contouring facility in the country to offer Biophoton Lymphatic Enhancement services.

After only a few weeks of testing in the spa, I'm already OBSESSED with the results! And so are my clients!

What is a Congested Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is like a river of life that cleanses every cell and organ in the body. It is the path through which 17 trillion cells clear out toxins from the body and is a complex system of fluid drainage and transport. The lymph nodes filter lymph fluid that is forced out of the bloodstream during normal circulation to remove bacteria, fungus, viruses, abnormal cells and toxins. This fluid is then transported back into the bloodstream via the lymph vessels. In essence, the lymphatic system is in charge of our immune system and is directly responsible for keeping us healthy as our body's filtering system.

Unlike the circulatory system which has a pump (the heart), the lymphatic system has no pump. It relies solely on our movement such as deep breathing (I mean, who DOES that?) and physical activity (most of us are not that active). Therefore, it’s really easy for the lymphatic system to become congested and clogged as it is directly related to the amount we move throughout the day. 

Other factors that lead to poor lymph circulation include:

  • Illness

  • Stress

  • Alcohol & Smoking

  • Air Pollution

  • Chemicals and pesticides in food

  • Nutrient poor diets that are high in fat, sugar, preservatives

Another factor in congested lymphatic systems is Tight Clothing - bras which are too tight and have underwires, tight yoga pants, too tight underwear, tank tops with strong elastic under the arms, wearing the waist band of pants in the same place every day - ALL CONTRIBUTE TO BLOCKING LYMPHATIC FLOW. Basically, if clothes are creating a bulge, then they're also contributing to lymphatic congestion. Overtime, that congestion becomes too thick for the body to clear out on its own. This can lead to a weak immune system and eventually chronic disease.

Whoa, where did chronic disease factor into this?

You sit down to eat your favorite delicious meal. With every bite, you’re consuming harmful toxins from preservatives, artificial dyes, and additives. While small amounts of these toxins may go unnoticed, nearly all our food these days contain these unnatural chemicals. Over time, your body reaches a tipping point and you’re faced with unpleasant side effects.

Some signs that your body has a toxin buildup include:

  • Brain fog

  • Hair loss

  • Fatigue

  • Brittle nails

  • Bad breath

  • Nausea

  • Weight gain

While short-term effects of toxin buildup are generally fairly mild, long-term effects can lead to harmful, even life-threatening, consequences. 

Over time, these toxins damage your body by poisoning enzymes - proteins comprised of amino acids. Your body relies on these for every physiological function. When these cells become poisoned, it leads to cellular death and the body begins the process of removing them through the lymphatic system. 


All cells in the body have an electromagnetic charge that either helps bind them together or forces them apart. Like a magnet! However, when cells become poisoned, they carry electrical properties of attraction which bonds them to other proteins in the tissues. The result is clusters or clumps of proteins forming a blockage in the lymphatic system.


The stagnant, congested lymph blockage results in unbalanced conditions of abnormal growths and/or chronic inflammation - which in turn may lead to serious disease conditions in the body, including cancer. Think of it like a pile of toxins which continue to grow and eventually becomes so thick it can no longer be broken down by our body's natural process.  

How Does it Effect Weight & Body Image?

According to new research, 80% of overweight women have sluggish lymphatic systems.


When your body is overloaded with toxins and the lymph is congested, it can be difficult to lose weight. Even if you are following a good diet and exercise program, an underperforming lymphatic system can not only prevent you from losing weight. It can also lead to further accumulation of body fat—especially around your belly. 

In a congested lymphatic system, the lymph fluid is thick, sticky, and laden with toxins that cannot be properly eliminated. Getting the lymphatic system running smoothly again is vital for achieving easy weight loss.


Improving lymphatic flow will help you feel more energized, improve your digestion and circulation, and  improve your metabolic rate so that you can burn more calories.

Interestingly, many experts believe that a lazy lymphatic system is directly connected to the formation of cellulite because backed up fluid “sticks” to fat cells! Which makes sense! Cellulite has long been thought to be the direct result of toxin build up in the body!


How does Biophoton Lymphatic Enhancement Help?

For a small but growing number of practitioners, Biophoton Lymphatic Enhancement helps to put the lymphatic system squarely in the center of the health and wellness equation - as well as weight loss!

It uses an FDA-registered class 1 device that operates by ionising noble gases (Argon, Neon, Helium, Krypton, and Xenon) within glass tubes to "pump" state-of-the-art, low-frequency, electrostatic energy through the tissues to break down the protein clumps causing stagnation and congestion of the lymph fluid.


The glass tubes are moved along the body’s natural lymphatic channels to allow this energy to remove inflammation, remove toxic waste and improve the overall function of the immune system throughout the body. You can liken this photobiotic pulsing energy hitting proteins and inflammation with that of a jackhammer hitting concrete, although nothing but a peaceful calm is felt during the treatment.

The unique combination of gases, light and sound energy created by the Biophoton device is specifically designed to break up these proteins and devitalize bacteria, viruses, fat and cellulite as well as:

  • re-establish the ideal frequency and energy state of each individual cell in the body

  • destroy pathogens/parasites/fungi/bacteria

  • decongest lymphatic blockages by electrical re-polarization and disassociation

  • detoxify and oxygenate the entire body while moving the alimentary, circulatory, and lymphatic systems

Stimulating the lymphatic system by the use of this technology has been widely recognized, used, and well documented, in Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America and Asia, and elsewhere, as an effective aid. PEMF and photon technology communicate with the body on a cellular and sub-cellular level to recharge and rejuvenate dysfunctional cells and body systems back to their optimal state. Bio-photon light applications achieve its results by rebalancing the electromagnetic charge that either binds cells together or keeps them apart.

Re-establish each individual cell to normal frequency and energy-state Stimulate and strengthen the lymphatic, circulatory and immune systems through "Re-Polarity”

ELT™ is the most efficient way to detox, cleanse, and purify the lymphatic system. And free up the immune system to do the

job it is meant to do by removing waste that has been bogging down the body and restoring health.


Benefits of Biophoton Lymphatic Enhancement:


You'd be surprised at how many great benefits come along with keeping your lymphatic system at optimal health. By having an efficient and smoother operating lymphatic system, you can enjoy benefits and perks such as:


Calm Hyperactive Immune System: In the case of auto immune disorders, this therapy takes a hyperactive immune system and calms it down, regulating it and teaching it to function normally.... all without drug therapy!


Boost weight loss: As your fat burns into the water, the lymphatic system will be able to expel it from your body and help you slim down.


Reduces cellulite: Cellulite is a buildup of fat cells that are clogged in a specific area. By using biophoton lymphatic enhancement you can reduce cellulite build-up while your body is breaking down these stubborn fat particles under your skin and reduces all the "traffic jams" that are being created with clogged fat, toxins, waste, etc.


Help with Lymphedema or Edema: Lymphedema can occur from the removal of lymph nodes or a procedure that harms their function. Another common lymphedema occurrence happens with medical conditions like congestive heart failure or blood clots. Electro Lymphatic drainage accelerates the removal of fluid buildup from the damaged area. If your body’s natural detoxing process cannot function properly, lymphatic therapy is the best way to help support it and allow drainage to happen.


Reduces inflammation: Suffering from infamous cankles for other areas of inflammation? This is due to the improper flow of your lymphatic system. If the body's natural drainage system does not function properly, you swell. The electrical current with the biophoton machine will stimulate this clogged fluid to flow and drain. This should be your number 1 priority. 


Help with post-surgery recovery: After having surgery, you now have the battle of healing. Just like the above point, stimulating this inflamed area with BLE will speed up recovery time and allow your body to better heal by reducing swelling and improving circulation. 


Speed up healing and recovery from the cold and flu: The stronger your immune system is, the more you’ll be able to fight infections, invading bacteria, viruses, etc. The main purpose of the lymphatic system is to transport out of your body all the toxic waste that it accumulates. Lymphatic drainage therapy supports this process and allows your body to operate and detox at the optimal level. 

Wellness & Detox Benefits: 

  • Reduce water retention and edema

  • Relieves lymphedema

  • General detox and cleansing of the body

  • Reduce stress and fatigue

  • Aide in digestive problems

  • Aide those with a chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes

  • Help those with an Enlarged Prostate

  • Improved immune function

  • Reduce inflammation, chronic pain and joint pain

  • Accelerated healing

  • Relaxation and balanced energy

  • Improves allergies

  • Lessens sinus symptoms

  • Decrease headaches & migraines

  • Decrease digestive and bowel problems

  • Boosts recovery post dental procedures

  • Support pre- and post-surgical healing

  • Improved heavy metal detox

  • Support drug detox

  • Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndromes

  • Reduces breast cancer risk


Endocrine Benefits:

  • Supports healthy weight

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Female & male pelvic conditions


Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Benefits:

  • Minimize swelling in injuries

  • Accelerate healing

  • Pre & Post-operative prep & recovery

  • Increase performance in athletics and decrease muscular and tendon strain

  • Improved chronic and acute muscle & joint pain

  • Reduced joint swelling

Aesthetic Benefits:

  • Reduces post-cosmetic surgery healing time

  • Improves outcome post Liposuction- Fat Transfer- Brazilian Butt Lift

  • Decreases appearance of cellulite

  • Lessens under eye swelling

  • Improves skin smoothness and brightness

  • Enhances benefits of skin care procedures

  • Minimizes scar tissue

Please note that LET is not a method of treatment. It aids the body to generate its own healing process.

Considerations – Contraindications: 

  • Pacemaker or other electronic implanted device

  • Pregnant or may be pregnant

  • Nursing (breast feeding mothers must pump and dump for at least 72 hours)

  • Thrombosis (blood clot) / thrombophlebitis

  • Unexplained calf pain

  • Renal insufficiency and cardiac issues (Must be cleared with a doctor’s note)

  • Cancer 

  • Epilepsy

  • Organ Transplant (Must be cleared with a doctor's note)

  • Serious infections and un-diagnosed skin infections

  • Some cosmetic implants and cosmetic injections/ fillers (such as Botox) for cosmetic or medical purposes

  • Child under age of 13


What does a treatment session look like?


The first 3-6 sessions of a fat melting or cellulite treatment will focus primarily on clearing the lymphatic pathways leading to the treatment area. This will allow our Body Contouring treatments to be most effective.

These first few BLE sessions will take approximately 1 hour. Subsequently once we begin our typical Body Contouring, the BLE portion of an appointment will be much shorter, only doing minimal clearing - usually 15-30 minutes.

During the session you will simply relax!

We will need access to your collar bone, neck and underarm areas as these are the main "dumping" sites for the lymphatic system. We MUST make sure to clear these areas before a session. Therefore, please wear a loose-fitting tank top, or we may ask you to pull your shirt aside during a treatment if necessary.

What else do I need to know?

Drinking adequate amounts of water (6-8 glasses) is recommended before and after each LET session to assist in the cleansing process. Continue to drink plenty of water after your treatment.

If not enough water has been consumed prior to your session, you will likely be very thirsty.

BLE will cause you to urinate more frequently.

Refrain from applying any lotions, oils, creams or perfumes to the body prior to your session.

The most common reported complaint is feeling fatigued immediately after and up to a day following treatment, followed by a rush of energy. Any experience of nausea or headache is most likely the result of being under hydrated before your treatment. Please drink plenty of water before and after your session.


We are legally obliged to inform you of the following: Holistic products such as pulsating magnetic wave therapy devices are not recognized in the human and animal medical sciences and therefore cannot make claims regarding the areas of treatments. The listed areas of treatment and application are not yet proven and still debated in medical circles.

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